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Corporate Business Promotional Merchandise

National Premium provides solutions for a lack of marketing resources. If a company’s marketing team is overwhelmed, understaffed, or simply non-existent – our professionals are here to help create marketing strategies designed to stabilize businesses by keeping them ahead of the competition.

We become an extension of your marketing efforts by working directly to create marketing strategies that broaden and effectively communicate your company’s messaging and brand image.

Why Corporate Businesses Need Promotional Merchandise

National Premium has been serving fortune 500 companies for over 40 years. We provide critical support for marketing campaigns, and strategies for names as big as Harley Davidson.

Our networks of suppliers provide direct access to more than 4,300 promotional merchandise manufacturers worldwide. Business promotional merchandise provides a unique and powerful tool. One that consistently slices through the clamor of advertising and sinks deeply into the minds of those who come into contact with company promotional gifts and brand messaging items.

We love measuring success. Every business that we partner with benefits from the promotional merchandise designed specifically to impact the brand. Businesses enjoy:

  • Market Share Increases
  • Development of Brand Loyalty
  • Increased Product Launch Success
  • Reactivation of Inactive Accounts

Strengthen Brand Promotion With:

  • Trade shows
  • Holiday gifts
  • Open houses
  • Thank-you gifts
  • Door openers
  • Employee safety programs
  • Employee gifts and awards
  • Employee training and education
  • Corporate catalog programs
  • Employee clothing/uniforms

Corporate gifting does more than simply reward a job well done. The reasons are many for gift giving – like thanking valued employees for rising to an occasion, or appreciating long-standing customers for their business. Other benefits of corporate gifting include:

  • Establishing customer loyalty
  • Generating brand awareness
  • Supporting enhanced training
  • Developing preferred partnerships
  • Supporting improved employee performance
  • Providing motivation
  • Motivation for team building
  • Appreciation and recognition

Unique Business Promotional Merchandise Gifting Gets Results

In any challenging economic climate, nurturing your existing client base is critically important. It costs much less to keep repeat customers than to generate new sales.

Unique business promotional merchandise raises interest and demonstrates genuine appreciation. When a client has been with a company for a period of time, it is easier to know their tastes, preferences, and desires.

When people feel genuinely liked, appreciated, and valued, loyalty develops. Human nature is predictable, and this is why promotional gifting is successful.

The most effective gift reflects a company’s mission statement and brand message. They are made with quality materials. They are very functional, visually appealing, and impressive to the recipient.

Save Money While Increasing Your Sales Over Time

The expense of buying unique executive gifts is balanced by the scope of the advantage they provide. Even the highest quality presents pay for themselves because over time they cost less than vigorous new-client marketing efforts.

When demonstrating the success of any organization, conscientious companies recognize the respectful communication delivered by this depth of thoughtfulness. Unique executive gifts set you apart and “standing above others” is a crucial element of keeping your business relationships positive, healthy, productive, and “ahead of the crowd.”

Lack of recognition is also a primary reason key employees leave companies. Strong, talented sales teams need to be unified. To hold onto them they need to feel appreciated and respected.

Online Marketing Explodes with Quality Gift Offers

Today, companies don’t thrive without powerful online marketing platforms. When running Facebook or Twitter business accounts, generate more interest by offering unique gifts as incentives and contest prizes.

Fun promotional products serve to pump up the “likes” and “follows” while making the business even more appealing to new and returning visitors. Convert more visitors to “paying customer” status. It happens by enticing users to learn more by offering online contests and reward programs.

Business promotional merchandise results have a firm root in business culture. National Premium’s expert support helps focus and discover the most potent gift options ranging from furniture, to food, to golf clubs, and uniquely useful electronics.

National Premium Provides You With Quality Marketing Support Tools

Marketing support services designed by National Premium are tailored to specific marketing campaigns of every shape and size. Get the help you need today by taking advantage of our professional marketing campaign support programs and offerings:

  • Unique products created from conception to completion
  • Targeted E-mail campaigns for employees and/or customers
  • Specially designed catalogs, brochures, and flyers
  • Marketing strategies developed specifically for every program
  • Development and dissemination of surveys or associated reports
  • Development and production of online catalogs
  • Dimensional and direct mail creation
  • Printing and delivery services

For the marketing strategy advantage your business requires to move forward in your industry, get the advantage by contacting us now at our educational website or call us Toll Free at 866-889-0250 today.


How to Increase Your Sales with Promotional Products While Saving Time and Money

When it comes to making an unforgettable impression on your target audience, nothing gets your message across quite like the right promotional products. Promotional items can be gifted out to current customers or potential clientele at trade shows and events to help you achieve visibility.



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