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Promotional Business Gifts

Promotional business gifts have a very lasting impact when applied with timing, sensitivity, and knowledge. Gift giving can send powerful messages to those who have a significant impact on your life.

With organizations, it is even more important to reward those who helped you do well and to thank the loyalty of your customers. Promotional business gifts are the most time tested way to spread your brand message, values, and awareness. Those who like your gifts will like your business.

Draw Attention With Inventive Branding and Other Creative Support Services

Creative genius for generation of marketing solutions is hard to come by. Busy work schedules often prevent the allotting of enough time to brainstorm remarkable or memorable marketing strategies.

Because of this, too often, companies will re-purpose e-mail campaigns, brochures, and flyers, even though they may seem to be getting stale.

National Premium encourages and supplies the tools to break this cycle so you can once again grab the customers’ attention. An award winning design team will apply creative marketing expertise to deliver unique marketing strategies. We provide the materials for building brands and campaigns that clearly resonate with today’s market.

Promotional Business Gifts Geared to Increase Customer Awareness

National Premium provides skills, knowledge, and a desire to help accomplish your to-do list. Our offices are filled with out-of-the-box thinkers and intensely experienced creative consultants – they continuously deliver fresh ideas and productively compelling campaigns.

With your goals in mind, we deliver full creative support for original designs, pre-press production, and all required printing. We help determine which items will be the most effective for your promotional business gifts.

At National Premium, our commitment is to present ideas that exceed all expectations. You get creative help in any and all of the following areas:

  • Designs for catalogs, flyers, brochures
  • Generating creative e-mail campaigns that engage your target
  • Building critical employee morale by unique promotions and gifting events
  • Growing your web presence to stand above the crowd
  • Enhancing product expectations from beginning to end

National Premium has upheld a commitment to providing the latest technologies. We deliver immense convenience with simplicity. Our forward-thinking philosophy has been engrained as our core belief since the beginning.

When Richard Schmidt, CEO & Founder, was asked how he envisioned his company in 40 years, he boldly replied “lasers – lots of lasers!”

We do in fact offer a number of different kinds and styles of lasers in our promotional business gifts item listings. Incorporating advanced technologies into every facet of our promotional marketing process is a powerful way to achieve that goal.

Experience a Stress-Free Process With A Total Solution Provider

We are an all-inclusive solution to every marketing need. Few promotional product suppliers will continuously supply targeted marketing supports. The majority of promotional marketing suppliers deliver only products, order forms, and an invoice.

With National Premium, there’s much more than a simple transaction. We go one-on-one with you so as to thoroughly understand your marketing objectives, blocks, business issues, and goals.

Our strategy has been yielding cutting edge solutions for almost 50 years. We help you lay a foundation that allows your business to grow steadily for decades.

Superior Marketing Support Tools

Marketing support services from National Premium provide tailoring options to benefit a marketing campaign of any shape or size. Get the help you need. Take advantage of:

  • Gift creation – conception to completion
  • Targeted E-mail campaigns
  • Design of brochures, catalogs, and flyers
  • Strategic plans developed for each marketing program
  • Custom design of reports and surveys
  • Manufacture and production of online catalogs
  • Dimensional and direct-mail design, printing, and implementation

For those who are serious about competing in the big league, step up your game with some seriously focused marketing strategy and implementation support. Contact National Premium here to get going today.


How to Increase Your Sales with Promotional Products While Saving Time and Money

When it comes to making an unforgettable impression on your target audience, nothing gets your message across quite like the right promotional products. Promotional items can be gifted out to current customers or potential clientele at trade shows and events to help you achieve visibility.


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