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Employee Awards and Incentives

Most people realize the importance of praising employees for a job well done. It boosts morale, makes them feel appreciated, and ensures they’ll continue doing a great job in the future.

In order to really show their appreciation, smart managers choose employee incentive programs. With the right selection of thoughtfully chosen awards and a dedicated team from of professionals from National Premium on your side, you’ll have a powerful incentive to motivate future performance and enhance the success of your company.

Glass employee award collage

Employee Awards and Recognition Programs Deliver Big Benefits to Companies

According to Gallup research (, companies that have above-average employee engagement levels generated:

  • 27% higher profits
  • 50% higher sales
  • 50% higher customer loyalty

But beyond higher profits and margins, recognition programs:

  • Increase employee retention rates and company loyalty
  • Validate efforts with public & peer recognition
  • Improve overall employee performance
  • Ignite sales revenues and customer satisfaction approval

Let National Premium help develop an awards program that makes sense for your company.

Award/Recognition Program Process and Considerations

When you work with National Premium, you get more than a supplier or vendor, our team of product experts can work with you and your company from the start to develop a program that is unique to your company and delivers a lasting impact to your employees.

Below are some of the key points in the process and items to consider as you build your program.


Not every employee can receive a Rolex watch for every milestone, so having an idea of yearly budget is a must to make sure the correct gifts/awards match with the frequency.

Needs Analysis

National Premium can work with you during an initial needs analysis before getting started. This is a simple interview that includes topics like:

  • Weak areas of the business where incentives could improve performance
  • Purpose of the awards program
  • Initial ideas on types of awards
  • Themes and client culture to incorporate
  • Type of fulfillment (ongoing awards vs. a yearly banquet)

Program Type

The type of program can have big impacts on award styles, numbers of awards, frequency, and overall success.

Be sure to review our list of Employee Recognition Programs and Types that goes into more detail on the top 5:

  • Sales/Achievement
  • Employee excellence
  • Years of service
  • Dealer/Network Awards
  • Certification awards
  • Plus custom award programs unique to your company and industry  

Frequency & Number of awards

  • Will you have ‘monthly’ awards and/or gifts?
  • Are you preparing for your year end banquet or end of quarter sales awards? 

These and other questions along with the specific type of program will determine frequency and the number of awards you will require.  Our team of experts will help you answer all these and more and work with you to create a program that works while staying within your budget.

Types of Employee Awards & Gifts

Depending on your company, budget and type of program, the options are endless.  We can advise you in terms of style of awards; from stock to totally custom awards.  These can be enhanced by packaging, customization, and personalization with promotional gifts, cash prizes or even stock options.

Stock Awards

From plaques to crystals, National Premium has access to hundreds of thousands of designs and styles that can be customized with your messaging, branding, and imagery to deliver an economical solution.

Start by browsing our recognition products, search our standard catalog, or request an award catalog by contacting us.


Glass Plate Award
Glass Flame Award/Trophy
Crystal Diamond Award
Granite and marble Star
Granite and marble sales achievement award
Stainless Steel and Crystal Award
Stainless Steel with Granite base
Artistic Stainless Award
Crystal Circle
Crystal with Clock Award
Name Plate Wall Plaque
Name Plate
Customized Knife Gift Box Set
Engraved Wine Glass Set
Wood Eco Award


Custom Awards

If you can dream it up, we can get it turned into a reality. Custom awards leave a lasting impression and stand out on a mantle, desk, or display cabinet, creating even more of an impact. Employees will want to tell the story of how they received their custom award.

They also allow you to seamlessly incorporate your company’s branding, ideas, and mission into a 100% unique award. Also check out our creative award ideas page [put a link to the page] to get started on shapes, styles, and materials.

Name Plate Wall Plaque
Name Plate
Customized Knife Gift Box Set
Engraved Wine Glass Set
Wood Eco Award

View More Creative and Custom Award Ideas

Employee Award Case Study: “TEAM” Increases Business by 35%

A corporation with several U.S. locations wanted to enhance the team atmosphere within each territory with hopes to increase business. Managers decided to set up a friendly, competitive “race” within each location and reward employees for participation.

Custom Mountain Crystal AwardStrategy
Each U.S. location became a team with the goal of increasing business within their territory. The company used the acronym ‘TEAM’ - Together Everyone Achieves More - to let the employees know that the recognition program was a team effort.

As the territory goals were met, employees were rewarded. To increase awareness for the recognition program, the company gave each of the 150 employees a small Lead Crystal Iceberg. The Lead Crystal Iceberg was hand etched with the company name, and a map of the United States. Additionally, a color filled dot was placed on the map to represent each territory.

The team members that had the largest increase in the first six months received a crystal Heritage State Award [can we link this to a page with Heritage State Awards on?] that represented the territory. At the end of the year, the top performing territory was given a clear crystal Matterhorn Award [can we link this to a page with Matterhorn Awards on?] that represented the perseverance it takes to reach peak performance.

The recognition program helped the corporation increase business by 35 percent in only one year. The staff at each location formed quality relationships with each other and worked together more efficiently. Therefore, as a result of the recognition program job satisfaction increased, employee morale was increasingly high, and of course business increased tremendously!

Getting Started with an Employee Recognition Program

Now that you have the basics, let’s increase employee retention rates, and employee engagement and morale by implementing a recognition program.

Contact Us or call 866-889-0250 to get started with one of our award experts.

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