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How to Build More Business with Promotional Water Bottles/Cups/Mugs

We live in a world where people really enjoy carrying their drinks with them while they’re on the go. Whether at work or play, men and women absolutely adore having a designer coffee, spring water, or ice-cold brewski on hand. To play into this increasingly popular trend, why not offer your clients and sales leads promotional water bottles/cups/mugs that are customized to advertise your company brand? By giving out these exciting and practical freebies, your brand name will soon be visible all over the place.

The principle of promoting your company in this manner is a tried-and-true marketing method. It is used with measurable impact on shopping bags, t-shirts, or any other items that may be emblazoned with a corporate name or logo (or both). However, t-shirts are personal items, and many people loathe wearing clothing with corporate names written on it. Shopping bags are terrific ads for a business, but they are also totally disposable, and they can’t be used for certain products or services.

To get the most advertising in the most sensible way, you need promotional water bottles/cups/mugs that are visually appealing, highly functional, and fun to use. Luckily, these sorts of promotional items are quite affordable, and they may be ordered online for easy access. To get the promotional bottles, cups and mugs you need, just use a home computer or smart phone to contact National Premium and we can customize products to fit your exact specifications.

Boost Your Internet Marketing With Promotional Water Bottles/Cups/Mugs Giveaways

Are you promoting your company online? If you aren’t, you really should be! Internet promotion is one of the simplest, cheapest ways to connect with a worldwide pool of prospective customers, and it’s also a key method for reaching out to your “regulars”. By using promotional water bottles/cups/mugs as contest prizes or “gifts with purchase”, you’ll create major interest in your company, and you’ll build stronger relationships with members of your target demographics. To decide what you should order, consider the median ages of your “perfect” client.

If you’re trying to get in with a young crowd of consumers, sports water bottles with built-in plastic straws will be perfect. If you’re targeting young urban professionals, go for portable coffee mugs that will hold all manner of lattes, caramel macchiatos, and café mochas. There are so many options when it comes to choosing promotional water bottles/cups/mugs, and these promo items are definitely some of the most useful and impressive freebie gifts around.

People love getting cups and mugs for free, because they love toting around their drinks. Every time they take a sip, they will be advertising your brand!

Use Promo Mugs, Cups and Bottles to Reward Your Best Clients

There aren’t too many people out there who don’t enjoy a little bit of recognition now and then; after all, being appreciated feels great. If your best clients haven’t been getting the VIP treatment that they deserve, it’s time to change things by offering these important customers promotional water bottles/cups/mugs that they can use in their cars, gyms, offices and homes.

These affordable corporate gifts make your clients feel special, and become everyday favorites that get plenty of exposure on desktops and out in public. As you can see, these sorts of executive gifts are truly second to none in terms of actually being used and seen.

Make the most of your marketing budget this year – choose promotional water bottles/cups/mugs that get your brand name noticed and impress your best clients. These corporate gifts are a modern marketing solution with old-fashioned appeal.

National Premium Makes It Easy to Choose the Right Promotional Drink Carriers

Promotional product companies have literally millions of options displayed online when it comes to promotional cups, mugs, or sport bottles. Who really has time to dig through all those?

We do, and we'll take that load off your shoulders. National Premium has experts with decades of experience helping companies just like yours get their brand name noticed and remembered with this often underestimated viral marketing technique. Contact National Premium's promotional product experts today for a consultation and fast quote. We can make this a completely turnkey experience from selecting the perfect product which your audience will use, enjoy, and promote your business for years to come.

How to Increase Your Sales with Promotional Products While Saving Time and Money

When it comes to making an unforgettable impression on your target audience, nothing gets your message across quite like the right promotional products. Promotional items can be gifted out to current customers or potential clientele at trade shows and events to help you achieve visibility.


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