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What is Co-Branding and How Can it Help?


Co-branding helps the perceived value of an item by pairing the company logo with a well-known name brand.  It also helps to increase brand recognition for the company, being that someone is more inclined to use, show, or wear something with a company logo/name brand on it versus a company logo on a generic item.

The Difference Between Promotional Products and Incentive Products

Promotional products used to be generic, low cost items, purchased in large quantities and printed with your company logo.  The most popular were coffee mugs and inexpensive pens.

Incentive products were higher-quality, more expensive items, usually available in smaller quantities and printed with only the manufacturer's logo. Hartmann briefcases and Orrefors Crystal were very popular. They were only available through retail manufacturers to a select group of premium distributors.  This kept the price and the perceived value up.

In the past, if an employee selected a particular product as an incentive reward, the program manager would place an order with an incentive house and the item would arrive straight from the manufacturer.   Today, if you want to award a product, say a grill made by Coleman (or a George Foreman, a Weber, a Chef Master, etc.), you can have your company logo branded on the product alongside the manufacturer's name.  The product is no longer just a promotional item, it has added value and is truly seen as an incentive.

How Co-Branding can Elevate Your Company Image

The strong emotional bond between the consumer and a product is what drives the desire to have a certain brand or represent a certain image.  By co-branding your logo with a well-known, positively received name brand, you can add value and importance to your company.

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How to Increase Your Sales with Promotional Products While Saving Time and Money

When it comes to making an unforgettable impression on your target audience, nothing gets your message across quite like the right promotional products. Promotional items can be gifted out to current customers or potential clientele at trade shows and events to help you achieve visibility.


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